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Tomato Blast 2014 Lineup at Soldier Field Tomato Festival  (2019 Bands will be updated shortly)

Seven Sixx


Straight from the high heavens down to the depths of fiery hell SEVENSIXX brings a brand new genre unheard of to the mortal ears. From the fierce chain gun delivery of Charlie Gunnz and the witty punchlines and delivery of Ruger Ryan all the way to the powerful angellic melodies of Die; SEVENSIXX brings together both the explosiveness of Rock with the cleverness and rhythmic tempo of hip-hop. Like rock and roll and hip hop had a baby stuffed it full of dynamite and threw it in your face till you eargasmed! 

Khaos Kay


This rapidly rising Electro star is far from "Khaotic" – in a little over 6 years since he first went into the studio Khaos Kay has scored more releases than most DJ’s achieve in a lifetime. The vibrant energy found within his productions has opened his name to a diverse range of local blog and international support within the electronic scene.

Audiophilia Band


Audiophilia, a teenage band performing covers of classic and heavy rock music, have recently been working their way up to the spotlight. This group features Lynzi Hayes showcasing powerhouse vocals, A.J. Grefsheim shredding electrifying guitar solos, Cj Gochanour pounding out drum beats, and Kayla Wrukus brewing up bass lines. These Southern Wisconsin musicians, ranging from ages 15 to 18, have been out performing for less than a year together as a group, yet have reserved spots at venues such as Summerfest, The Rave/Eagles Ballroom, and The Miramar Theatre.

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