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Event Information New York

Tomato Blast is a massive tomato fight modeled after Spain's annual La Tomatina Fest. La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Valencian the town of Buñol, a town located 30 km from -the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fights purely for fun!


Date: Date Change TBA Shortly!

Time: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Metlife Stadium



Tomato Blast at Metlife Stadium planning has begun. Get ready to have a blast. A tomato blast!


All Deal Vouchers will be refunded shortly!


Cost: $49.99 for participants. $25 for spectators. Goggles $5.00.


Purchase tickets & gear here!


Age: All ages are welcomed. 14+ to participate in tomato fight. 21+ to consume beer.


Parking: On site based on availability.



12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Live Music, Beer, Food         3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Tomato Fight

  4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Cleanup, Music, Beer, Food*

Event Safety

Have you ever been hit with a tomato ripe or aged?  So, you know they both can hurt.  That is why the tomatoes used during our fights are aged and softer than ripe tomatoes.  But you will be hit by a tomato and it will hurt.  Please note we can not guarantee all tomatoes are as aged and soft as others as there is no way to individually check hundreds of thousands tomatos.  Also, safety goggles must be worn for this event.  In fact, you can purchase a pair before D-day when you register for the event. In addition, all event participants must sign our event waiver agreement to participate in our events.  Rest assured we do all we can to ensure a safe event.  Furthermore, there is no direct throwing at someones head. Any participant in violation of this will be removed and asked to leave the event. However, the facts are with tomatoes flying you will get hit and they will hurt. All participants assume all risk associated with getting hit with flying tomatoes

Event Tips

Safety goggles must be worn during the tomato fight.  No exceptions.  Goggles may be purchased during online registration. Again, NO throwing directly at someone head. We know the day at the office might have been tough and someone closely resembles your boss. But resist the temptation.  Also, bring a change of clothes as driving home wet is no fun. Place cellphone in cellophane bag in pocket to protect.  BAGS CHECK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $5.


Our events will feature live music. Music played will be top 40 hits.  Music will be played until the tomato fight begins.  After the fight is complete we will resume the music.  Bands Performing at Tomato Blast


​All ticket sales are finals. No exceptions.

Weather Policy, Venue & Date

​The show must go on. Rain or shine the tomato blast will go on according to schedule.  Only lighting will halt the show.  We also reserve the right to change the event venue and event dates at any time.

Tomato Shortage

In an event of a tomato shortage we will replace tomatoes with some fun substitute such as water or mud.

Clean Off

Tomato blast will provide water to wash down after the blast.  Please note we will not have showers on site but simple water hosing area.  We recommend you bring your own towels as you will be covered in tomatoes.

Green Event

Our events are designed, organized and implemented in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment and fosters sustainability. How do we do accomplish these goal? First and foremost TOMATOES USED ARE PAST RIPE.  They are  not edible and would otherwise have been discarded. Thus we use past ripe tomatoes of no value and create value. Second, at each event we provide separate paper and plastic receptacles; Third, we host paperless meetings or utilize recycled paper; and fourth we encourage all event participants to bring old cell phones for recycling. Collectively, this helps reduce our carbon foot print, reduces landfill pollution.  All paper, plastic and metals are recycled in accordance with all Federal and Local EPA Regulations. 


All events will feature cold beer.  Enough said!

Fake Weapons and the likes?


Sorry no fake or real weapons will be allowed. So please leave the fake swords, knives and guns at home or you will not be allowed entrance.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  

What Do I Need to Enter Festival?


If you registered on and received a confirmation email all you need is a valid identifcation card (Drivers License, State Identification, etc.)  Of course it does not hurt to have your confirmation email.  However, this is a green event and is a waste of paper.  Save a tree and simply drop us a line to confirm you registration.

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